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If the only thing standing between you and your online success is website shame, fear of tech and confusion on where everything fits together with your online marketing then I’ve created a map of website success just for you…

Learn the simple put powerful steps that you can take to work a lot smarter rather than harder online.  This is about understanding where everything fits together so you can really make an impact online.

The map is super simple and takes you through the actions you need to take to ensure you have a website that works for you and your business so you can feel empowered and in control.


Are you ready to get started?

I am going to be giving you an insight to how you look online and how you can take the steps to become more successful.

We start on Sunday 23 February (until 28 february) and when you join you will get:

  • Free Online marketing mentoring sessions with Happy Heart HQ founder Naomi Gilmour.
  • 3 powerful masterclasses to map out your client winning website.
  • A workbook for you to map everything out so you can take action on everything you learn.
  • Access to the exclusive facebook group to meet other amazing small business owners so you can connect as you take this journey.


Here’s what we will be covering:

💖 Day 1: MASTER YOUR ONLINE MARKETING, discover the smart way to market your business online.  We will be taking stock of where you are at and how you can improve your online presence.

👩‍💻 Day 2: ONLINE MARKETING MENTORSHIP, I will be answering your question live and helping and supporting you in the group.

😍 Day 3: FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT:  Discover how to keep your visitors engaged and coming back for more.  It’s time to STOP hiding away and start getting visitors to your website and don’t worry if you don’t have one yet I will be sharing some tactics you can use in the meantime too!

👩‍💻 Day 4: ONLINE MARKETING MENTORSHIP, I will be answering your question live and helping and supporting you in the group.

⚖️ Day 5: CONNECTING & CONVERTING, When people connect with you they are more likely to follow you on social, sign up for your email list and ultimately buy from you.  In this workshop I will be sharing how you can integrate tools to make this happen the easy way.

This is the final stage of the Happy Map and your chance to be Website Happy!, with a few surprises and prizes to give away too!


Join NOW for FREE!  We start our adventure on 23 February 2020

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