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Website design that dazzles and shines

With beautiful website design at the centre of your business there’s nothing you can’t do.  Growing your business is a pleasure, selling your products and services comes naturally and you feel confident and capable, inside and out.

Add in a few essential accessories like social media support and email marketing and suddenly you’re unstoppable!

I’m Naomi and I help women in business to build beautiful digi-empires that attract more of their ideal customers.

Nice to meet you!

First, a little about me… I’m a loud, proud entrepreneur with a passion for all things design and digital marketing.

By day I’m a website designer for women in business, a dream weaver, a digi geek and a glitter addict. By night, I’m a mother to two beautiful children and a pair of fluffy moggies, one crazy, one daft.

How about you?

Are you passionate about building your business – but confused about where to start?

Are you looking for a website that reflects your true business brilliance?

Are you ready to make an impact with online marketing that gets real results?

Are you a secret stationery addict (it can’t just be me?)

Then you’re in the right place!

Whether you’re here to hire or learn to DIY with confidence and style, I’ve got just what you need.


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The BIG Beautiful Website Guide

Creating, developing and maintaining your own website can feel like a huge task. Especially when tech isn’t your thing.
The BIG beautiful website guide covers all the get started basics you need to know. you’ll discover how to manage practicalities (like choosing a domain name, finding out more about hosting, and choosing plugins and WordPress themes) as well as how to keep your website safe and secure, and, of course, looking gorgeous!
Whether you’re just beginning to think about setting up a website for your business, or you’ve had one for years, you’ll find heaps of helpful tips, support and advice in this free e-book.
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Jet Set Express Websites

Pre Designed Website £197

Jet Set Websites are ready designed websites that enable you to have a beautifully designed, professional looking website at a fraction of the cost you’d pay for bespoke design. You simply select your design, add your own text and images and truly ‘make it your own’…

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