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Have you ever added your keywords into Google to see where your business ranks?

If you have, and you’ve ranked, then that’s probably because you’ve put some effort into making this happen.  Whether you’ve got an SEO specialist on board or you’ve discovered how to do this yourself, it’s clearly working and your business will no doubt be reaping the benefits.

But if you’ve dropped your keywords into the giant search engine, and your business hasn’t shown up (or it’s so far down that no one will bother to look for you), then worry not.

I’ve got 3 easy peasy steps to help you turn that on its head…


Step 1. Get Googling

Chances are your business hasn’t been added here, so go do it now – https://business.google.com.

You’ll need to set yourself about half an hour aside, and have some images to hand that you’d like to include on your Google business page entry.

It’s a simple task of adding your website, address and phone number etc, and then you’ll be asked to verify what you’ve added.  This is quick and easy and can be done via a phone call from Google – don’t worry, it’s just a recorded message though).

Setting up your Google business entry is free, and a really good step in the process to getting your business discovered.  You can personalize your entry with eye-catching images that represent your brand, you can even get your happy clients to share their love for you and you can upload a virtual tour of your business, as well.  Not bad for free, is it?

Step 2. Take a good look at your written content

When you’re updating any content on your website, ask yourself these questions:

  1. is the content helpful and well-written?
  2. does it include rich keywords to help people find me?
  3. is the content reader-friendly rather than SEO driven?
  4. could a six-year-old understand it (ie you haven’t filled it full of jargon)?
  5. have you broken up the text with bullet points and colours etc to make it easy on the eye (you need to pull your visitors in, rather than making them bounce away)?

Step 3. Be a brilliant blogger

Are you creating consistently valuable blogs and publishing them on your website?  You should be, because this has a big impact on Google rankings.  Try and make blogging a habit – it only requires you to invest your time and knowledge, and the results can be business-changing. Remember, also that whenever you blog, you should share it on all of your social media platforms too (and not just once).  Share it at different times of the day and make sure you rotate it around your platforms by creating a schedule (and sticking to it).

Getting your business to rise through the Google rankings doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s something that needs a little time to set up and you need to consistently monitor, but once you implement these three easy peasy steps, you could be well on your way to getting your biz noticed by the Google bots and spiders

One last thing… did you know that Google owns YouTube? Maybe you should add ‘Set up a YouTube channel’ to the list, too (and don’t forget to add those keywords to your video descriptions and filenames).  Ticking all of Google’s boxes AND its YouTube ones is a great way to get you rising through the ranks.

Why not put these easy peasy steps into practice today and let me know how you get on? I’d love to hear.


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