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So you have a website but is it really working for you?

Is it making you sales and allowing you to create an impact with the world online?

Maybe you feel like it’s just stuck out there and all a little pointless as people aren’t engaging and there’s no enquiries coming through?

Maybe you are putting all your efforts into social because you get crickets from your website and to change it feels overwhelming and down right exhausting!

Your website is your shopfront to the world, it should be a central hub for your online marketing and done well can make your whole online marketing a whole lot easier…


I want to share with you 8 simple ways to get more sales from your website…



You may have heard people go on about ideal clients and that you need to get to understand who it is you are talking to?

But maybe you think you can help everyone and don’t want to miss any sales… When you are working online, you cannot market to everyone!   You need to niche!!!

If you try and talk to ‘everyone’ on your website, you will attract no one, your visitors need to feel attracted to you, they need to feel connected to you and they need to feel that your products and services are the right fit for them!

So get clear on who it is you want to work with and write your copy on your website with them in mind…


Use impactful images on your website, these will help the ‘connection’ when your visitor come to your site.. if they click on it and it’s all a little wishy washy – they will just click away!  Images of your products, images of you, images of you working with others – whatever is the right fit for you and your business. Images will allow them to feel engaged and therefore they will be more likely to buy.


Are you guiding your website visitors through your site?  Are you holding their hand and are you giving them a clear call to action to buy?

I visit so may websites that have no clarity or purpose.  If you don’t know what you want your website visitors to do – they won’t know either.  Get clear on what it is you want them to do and how you want them to buy from you and then make it SUPER clear to them.



Make your call to action on your website is REALLY CLEAR

  • Add Buttons to take them to the next stage
  • If you are selling products include them on your home page and make sure they have a big BUY NOW button
  • Avoid too may clicks to purchase
  • Make it simple – do not bamboozle them with too many choices – this just causes confusion and results in no action.
  • Give them an option to buy something on your website
  • Be transparent with your prices if you want immediate sales
  • Make your checkout super easy
  • Only ask the info you need from them, too much info causes overwhelm and they will click away
  • Add sales pages
  • Answer frequently asked questions on your site
  • Include a contact page
  • Offer a discovery call if applicable



Funnels are email marketing are super important for your business and website success.  Give people a valuable reason to share their email address with you and give much more than ‘sign up for my newsletter’ this is never going to convert well for you!   Think of ideas that would really catch their attention and encourage them to sign up!.. what can you give away for free?


  • Ebook
  • Checklist
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Masterclass
  • Video Series
  • Discount Code
  • Offer
  • VIP packages
  • Daily Tips
  • Insights and Guidance
  • Free Strategy Call




There are lots of ways to retarget your website visitors with ads, one really easy way is to include facebook pixel into your website, this will allow you to monitor people coming from to your website and retargeting them over in facebook.  If you have ever been looking at products on a website and they pop up in front of you in facebook – thats retargeting at work!



Approx 64% of people now visit websites on mobile devices.  If your website isn’t optimised for mobile then you are missing out BIG TIME!  It can also affect how you show up in Google too!

Take stock of what is actually happening with your website!  Install Google analytics so you can see how you are showing up!  Understanding your visitors behaviour helps you to market to them more effectively and is key to your website success!


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