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Feeling overwhelmed with tech from time to time is completely normal.  Tech moves at such a fast pace it can be hard to keep up with it, it can all just seem like a minefield of information.  I get it – at times tech can seem super overwhelming.  Maybe you’re sitting there thinking you need to update your website and don’t know how to or you need to get an email list and have no idea where to start, or you’ve been meaning to set up a blog (forever) but never seem to find the time (or the tools) to get it started.

You see other people online, looking like they have it all together so you know there must be an easier way… but how?

It leaves you feeling frustrated, confused and stressed out.  You don’t feel good about how your website looks so you hide it away and everything just seems out of control.  There’s lots of conflicting advice which all just leaves you STUCK, the fear of overwhelm is REAL!


So how can you go from stuck to getting started?  

Here’s my 5 ways to stop Tech Overwhelm…


Please stop telling yourself that you can’t do it or theres too much to do!  Step away and breathe a little.  Know that you have the power to figure it out and you can easily learn this stuff so it’s time to take 5, grab a cuppa and have a little brain download of the things you would like to achieve (without attaching huge to do lists to them) once all the ideas are out of your head you will be able to see things with a little more clarity.



Once you have stepped away and have an idea of what you want to achieve, now compose a list of actions but remember you do not have to do this all overnight!

Small steps, delivered consistently will create great results.



  • Update your website
  • Create a new website
  • Decide on a website platform
  • Choose a new domain name
  • Map out your website content
  • Set up an email list
  • Design a freebie
  • Create a blog plan

And then prioritise what needs to come first so you can get it in some form or order.    You can use a planning tool to help you on your way. I have revised a few here PLANNING TOOLS.



If you are looking at everyone else online, thinking that they have everything together, an amazing website, email newsletter, social media posts – please just remember they won’t have created this over night – remember consistent steps create results!   They may have a team helping them… and just because they seem to be ahead of you remember they are not you! They don’t have your why, your mission or your values.  Always remember to be you!



Please give up on any idea of being ‘perfect’ I have a ‘perfectionist’ mind monkey that lives within me and she needs to be silenced on a regular basis.


Perfectionism feeds procrastination, if nothing is ever good enough it will keep you in a ‘stuck’ cycle.  If you are spending oodles of time scrolling through facebook, or spending hours creating and recreating images in canva.. you are in the procrastination zone.


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