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The clocks have gone back and it’s dark by 4.30pm right now (boo!).  But that doesn’t mean we have to go into hibernation mode.  No. In fact, the change of seasons is a fab excuse to spruce up your social media and freshen up your content.

  • It’s time for some cracklin’ content as bonfire night fast approaches.
  • It’s time to embellish our social media platforms with gorgeous Autumnal colours.
  • And it’s time for some festive fun and frolics as the year draws to a close.

Why a Seasonal Social Media Spruce Up is Good for Business

Sprucing up can be so good for your business because it shows your followers that you’re current, on trend and that you’re not afraid to have a bit of fun. You’ll stand out from the crowd and stop the scrollers from passing you by.  But best of all, it’s an opportunity to sprinkle your personality all over the online world – and that’s going to connect you with your kind of crowd.

Here are my 6 special ways to help you get seasonally sprucing…

1. Go canva crazy

Good old Canva has heaps of seasonal imagery. Take a look and see if anything grabs your attention. Think about those vibrant reds, oranges and yellows of autumn (crunchy leaves, pumpkins and beautiful autumn landscapes) and how you can use them in your blog images, your cover photos and your social media posts.

2. Base your content on the seasons 

I’m all for making content creation as easy as possible, and basing your content on the changing seasons is a great way to ease the creative pressure. Could you add some Autumnal/Winter tales, irresistible Christmas offers, Thanksgiving reminders and New Year specials to your social media posts?

3. Post & share seasonal/holiday images

Make sure they resonate with your crowd of course, but sharing and posting holiday-focused images (particularly when you get into December) is a perfect way to spread that Holiday / Thanksgiving / Christmas cheer. Post pictures of your team’s Secret Santa escapades or getting into the holiday spirit (but probably not the morning after your Christmas night out). This is another great excuse to show your followers the real person (or team) behind the brand.

4. Holidays make great hashtags

Create your own holiday hashtag and share it everywhere! Hashtags have the potential to be retweeted and can build up your followers quickly. It also shows people you’re a leader, not a sheep.

5. Add some holiday accents to your regular imagery

If your ideal clients are corporate professionals and a picture of you wearing a Santa hat (or your best Mrs Claus dress) might show you in a not-so-favourable light, then you could always use holiday accents instead.  Create an image with your logo against a snowy backdrop or as a bauble on a Christmas tree, or scatter some candy canes or gingerbread men here and there and show them that you’ve got plenty of seasonal cheer.

6. Create funky new covers for your social media platforms

These are really easy to do, even if your creative skills are slightly dubious. If you know your limits, then just play safe and instead of creating images that are too busy or fussy, just subtly blend some seasonal colours into your current cover photo instead.


I hope that’s helped.  Why not share some of your seasonal spruce up images with me? I’d love to see them.


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