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Do you sell products online? Then keep reading because I have some speedy but simple ideas to help you optimise your online sales.

Before we get started, however, let me just explain why the Big Guys – i.e Amazon, eBay and Etsy – may look like your safest and easiest e-commerce solution but they are, in fact, not always your most viable option if you want to be an online success.

If you sell your products from any (or all) of these platforms, you’re standing on someone else’s stage.  This means they can shine the spotlight on whoever they choose. Your biggest competitors are just the click of a mouse away.  And whilst your association with these Big Guys is good for SEO ranking, makes the whole sales process safe and simple, and pulls in pretty large global audiences, have a think before you put all your eggs in one basket, using these sites alone really isn’t always the best for your bank balance.

With chunky commission payments, a distinct lack of control over your own business/products and the potential to lose your standing/hard-earned reputation if these Big Guys change their rules, you’re in a state of constant vulnerability.

I used to run a very successful product-based / e-commerce company and initially established myself and my sales using eBay.  Luckily, I found the confidence to add products to my website, but the ratio was still 80/20 (eBay/my company). 

However, when I totted up how much commission I was paying out, I was shocked.  I knew things had to change if I wanted to boost my income and future-proof my business.  And when I turned this ratio on its head, my business began to thrive. Don’t get me wrong these platforms are a great way to drive sales but it’s important you have your own platform too!

So, how can you sell more products online just by using your own website? 


You can begin with these 7 super speedy and easily-to-implement simple tips…

1. Write a crisp, clear and concise product description

Follow the same format for each one, use simple language and never, ever, just share the manufacturer’s link or copy their description. You should always add your own stamp and think about what your customers are actually searching for in Google!

2. Keep the buying process simple

Make it easy and safe for potential customers to buy from you by setting up a recognised and trusted method of payment such as PayPal.

3. Make it easy for your buyers to contact you

Have your contact details in a header or footer that appears on every page so potential buyers don’t click away if they can’t find the information quickly.

4. Ask for product reviews

Scatter some of the raving reviews around your product page/location so they do the selling for you.

5. Create product videos 

Consider focussing on a particular product each week/fortnight/month and produce a short and sweet video about it to go on your product page. This doesn’t just give customers an insight into your product, it also instils trust in any potential relationship with you, too.

6. Talk about your products in a blog

You could either focus on your best-selling products and blog about them, sharing why your buyers love them so much, for example, or you could create a new blog for each new product you introduce to your line.  Great blog content, and great SEO, too.


7. Track what is happening on your website

We all do it, pop things in online baskets, get distracted, and forget to go back and make the purchase.  So why not add some tracking software to your website so you can actually see what is happening Google Analytics provides a tonne of data that can help you understand what is actually happening on your site and you can even track visitors from social profiles and retarget them.

Need some e-commerce help with your website?
Then look no further, this is something I can definitely help you with, and I’d hate for you to jeopardise boosting your bank balance, simply because of a few website techy challenges.  That’s what I’m here for.

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  1. Kelly
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    Fabulous article and food for thought. Looking forward to getting my Jet Set website up and running with you in next month or 2!


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