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I am frequently asked by small and small and start up businesses do I need a website?  And my answer is ideally – yes…

A website is your companies representation online and central to your branding.  It builds a central hub and a place where customers can establish your story and allow you to market the products and services you offer.  It also gives you a central hub for your social media sites and provides content that can be found by Google so that your potential customers and clients can find you online.

Compared to other advertising mediums, the internet has circulation figures that can’t be matched and at a fraction of the cost.   To realise your businesses potential your site should be optimised for keywords so that it can be found in Google and incorporate a blog to give creative fresh content for your audience.

It is also very likely that you competitors also have a website, if they have then this could be taking business away from you.

Where does social media fit in? 

If you are just starting up or are an established business looking to be found online – social media is a great way to engage with your audience.  It allows a personal touch behind your brand and allows customers to understand the personality behind you and your business!  After all as the co-founder of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman once said “No business ever gives you business its always a person”

It is essential to look at the internet as a whole, your website is your brand online but there is no point ion having a beautiful site if no one can find it!

Develop a simple strategy and a good plan to get site seen and allow customers to engage with you – making you a ‘real’ business that people can communicate with is essential for success.

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The Wonderful Website Guide

I believe your website is the heart centre of your online presence, a place where you can really showcase what you do and one that you are super proud to share with the world, but for some reason it’s usually the first thing to get neglected in business!  Often you don’t have time to keep it updated or to even get started or maybe you just don’t have control and its all too techy and overwhelming?  So let me ask you…

Do you have a website?

Is it driving you sales?

Are you proud to share it with the world?

If you have answered NO to any of the above then my NEW Wonderful Website Guide is just for you! It’s a really simple guide to get you started with a website that you will totally love, one you can take control of and update really easily!

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