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Do I really need a blog?

In a nutshell, yes!  As an entrepreneur what are your top three priorities?

  1. To attract new clients?
  2. To grow your business?
  3. To make more money?

Blogging can help you achieve all three! Let me explain…

How blogging can help you get new clients

  • Blogging positions you as an expert. It gives you kudos and shows that you really do know what you’re talking about.
  • Not everyone is a social media fan, and so blogging is a great way to widen your marketing net.


How blogging can help you grow your business

  • Blogging is super for SEO and can help you rise through the Google rankings.
  • It’s also a wonderful way to add fresh content to your website each week/fortnight/month.
  • And don’t forget about guest blogging either – this is another useful way to get a leg up on the ‘expert’ ladder. It can enable you to tap into new opportunities, attract new audiences and help your business grow.

How blogging can make you money

  • If your blogs are packed with rich content that help your reader to solve big, scary problems, they’ll love you for it. And when they start liking, and trusting, they’ll pluck up the courage to buy from you.
  • You can regularly focus your blogs on one of your services or products and if your ideal customer ventures across it, you could have the makings of a long and happy working relationship.
  • Your blog is your silent sales tool, and allows readers from across the pond to connect with you (even if you’re asleep!).

And blogging for your business has heaps of other benefits too

  • It builds up your knowledge (if you have to research bits and pieces for your blog, what you’ve taken the time to research, will actually stick with you).
  • It’s fun – really! Pop some of your personality into your blogs, have a laugh, life doesn’t have to be so serious all the time (even for busy entrepreneurs!).
  • It’s a good way to improve your writing skills – the more you blog, the easier it becomes and the better your writing gets.
  • It makes your brand ‘human’. Nobody can warm to a robotic-sounding blog but they will definitely warm to you if you give them little snippets about your life (just snippets!), and the kind of results your clients have seen when they’ve worked with you.
  • It’s your call. There are no rules when it comes to blogging. This is your platform, your soapbox, if you like.  Use it to your advantage.
  • Blogs can form the basis of so much of your other marketing content, too – turn some of the powerful statements or top tips into memes for your Facebook page, and use the first paragraph of your blog to form the basis of your newsletter.
  • It’s free. Who doesn’t want a free marketing tool?


So the next time you’re thinking about blogging and you’re feeling a bit down in the mouth about it, take a read through this blog. Think about the results blogging can bring to your business.  Think about how you can repurpose and recycle your blogs to leverage your time.
It doesn’t have to be another icky to-do task that you try your utmost to avoid.  It is a pretty savvy way to market your business, pull in new clients, make your current clients love you all over again and get you noticed amongst the noise and competition.
Blogging really is brilliant for business, don’t you agree?



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