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Guest Blog: Caroline Palmy – Palmy Healing


I love Social Media, and am very active out there. Do you have Facebook? Did you also reconnect with old friends on there? It’s funny how we find each other again on social media, even after years or decades of no contact. I love to connect with my friends and finding new friends.

Social Media has helped me find new friends, people who I would never meet in the outside world, because they are spread all over the world. Likeminded friends who have similar interest, people who have a deep understanding of where we came from and who we are.

Meeting and exchanging in groups, hearing about new workshops, or courses is intriguing. I have started many courses that I would not have known are out there without being connected via Social media.

During those courses I came close to others and made new friends or was able to share from my heart.

I was also able to help others by sharing my experiences by commenting on someone’s post or simply acknowledging them.


I write blog posts and share and connect with my written word in social media.

I love to hear feedback like ‘oh this was so inspiring’ or ‘So glad I am not alone out there’ etc. Those are deep heartfelt connections covering the globe.

By being out there on social media, I empower myself. I found my own truth, and the best way to share things. I have grown so much since first starting social media.

I love my audience, and my interactions on Social Media, where else would I connect with the world out there?

It’s easy and uncomplicated. You can read what you like, and you can share from your heart, knowing you will reach the right people, and so often I just see the right quote to help me through the day.

I have made so many wonderful connections through social Media. People I am happy to meet in personal life too, if we are ever at the same place.

I have gotten some wonderful clients, I am happy to help along their path, thanks to me being active on social media. They got a feel for me, from my posts and videos, and knew I was the right person to go to.

I learnt to share from my heart, talking about my experiences. This way I inspired others and started wonderful connections.

We are all one.

I have joined courses and groups and connected more deeply there.

I love being on social media and connecting. Remember it does get easier every time. If you are fresh out there, it might feel intimidating, and you might feel a bit scared of what and how much to share. Trust the process, and feel comfortable sharing a bit of your personal life too.

After all it is all about the connections we make out there, one person to another.

Warm hugs



Caroline from Palmy Healing is a single Mother of three Teenagers living near Zurich in Switzerland. She assists women to grow into their full potential, by finding their purpose and becoming more assertive.


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