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What is a blog and what is a newsletter?

A blog (or short version of the words ‘web log’) is a piece of content or article that is written and published on your website (or on a blogging platform – Blogger/Tumblr/Wordpress, for example).

A newsletter is written and created for your subscribers, and sent out to them via email. 

What’s the point of a blog and/or newsletter?

The aim of your blog is to serve your current audience and attract more followers simultaneously.  It’s your opportunity to demonstrate your authority by sharing rich content that solves problems, fulfils needs and/or showcases your business.

The point of a newsletter (which is more personal than a blog because your followers have requested to hear from you) is to nurture relationships and build up the know, like and trust factor. It’s also a platform to put the spotlight on any offers, products or services you’re promoting at any one time.


The benefits

Blogs and newsletters have similar benefits in that they allow you to get in front of people who are looking for the product/service you specialise in (without you having to be face-to-face).  They both give you the opportunity to show you’re a Boss who can improve lives, productivity levels and businesses, and used properly, they can both drive traffic to your website. Readers can read them at a time that suits them, and as such, they’re a silent sales person for your business.


Obviously this depends upon personal preference but remember that consistency is key.  So whether you choose to send out a newsletter or publish a blog weekly, fortnightly or monthly, just keep to the same pattern if you can.  Of course, if you get the urge to pop in an extra one now and then, it’s not going to do any harm.

How blogs and newsletters complement each other

One way of getting your blog in front of your newsletter subscribers is to feature it in your newsletter. Start with an introduction, talk about the general theme of your blog and add a couple of lines from the first paragraph of it with a <read more> link.  Even when time is in short supply, you can still generate a good newsletter this way.

Similarly, you could also add a link to the bottom of your blog that allows people to sign up to your newsletter or latest freebie.

Who sees what?

Your newsletters are read by people who have subscribed to your list. So by sharing their email address with you, they are interested in what you’re offering and/or what you’ve got to say.  They are what you’d call ‘warm leads’, ie they’re potentially closer to connecting with you or buying from you than someone who isn’t on your list. They could also be a mix of past and present clients, too, so in some cases you have already established a working relationship with them.

Your blogs are read by people who come across your website, either in search of your services/products or have stumbled across it and are having a good, old nosey around.  And that’s fine, whichever route they take to your blogs is great because it all contributes to boosting those search engine rankings and getting your business in front of their eyes.


Both blogs and newsletters are very powerful marketing tools (and they’re free, too!), so try and take time to understand what your audience is looking for, and commit to regular communication – and see the results for yourself.


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