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As a small business owner who works from home I am feeling very blessed right now!  My business allows me to connect with clients worldwide using simple online technology.  But I realise it’s not as easy for all businesses to switch their business online and I want to help you in any way I can.  Wether you are a yoga teacher, a therapist or a photographer there is opportunity for you to implement simple steps online to help support your business, customers, clients and patients during these challenging and uncertain times.  One thing I have is vast knowledge of the online market place and I want to help and support you with the simple steps you can take.

So where to get started!  First up focus on what you want to achieve, is it that you want to run your yoga or fitness class online and deliver it to the whole class remotely online?  or do you want to use pre recorded videos to deliver to them so they can do their exercise in their own time.

If you are a coach or consultant do you need a two way live video conversation or are you going to work through a series of questions and respond in writing or via video?

Have a think about how you are currently working and what you could actually make possible for your clients and customers online and how you can best serve your community!

First up is my online toolkit

These are all the tools I use in my business and with clients to help them connect with communities…

(you won’t need to use them all they are here as a central resouce to help you speed up locating what you need)

If you want a way to connect with your clients and online community video gives you amazing scope to do this, wether it’s a simple video from your phone or more advanced edited video there’s a multitude of brilliant tools to help you make awesome videos to communicate your message without much expense or effort.



Photo booth for mac users and movai for the pc

Online Payments

If you have a website you can easily add payment buttons or a checkout system.  If you don’t yet have a website fear not you can create payment buttons with links that you can post in a group or send via email.  Both of these can be done using

Paypal or


and I have added a ‘how video’ to show you how to do these too!

Scheduling Online Appointments

There are lots of online scheduling tools but my personal favourites are:

Calendly and

Acuity Scheduling

both platforms can be used stand alone where you can simply share links or easily integrated with yor website too!


Video/Live Chat Calls From Home

Video is an amazing tool for you to connect online.  If you need to make private 121 calls you can use..

Face time or Skype but there are also some other cool tools. 

For one to one and one to many group calls or events I love using,

Whereby or  Zoom


Online Memberships

Running an online membership is an amazing way to keep in touch with your community, to deliver teaching materials online.  You can find out more about online memberships here: MEMBERSHIP PLATFORMS

You can create an online membership in a facebook group, on a stand alone platform or within your website:

Facebook Groups




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Online Events

For those of you needing to move events online, you can use the group video tools or record video and documents to share online.

When taking payments, these can be done through a booking system like

acuity or calendly or even using


Then you can connect with your clients or community using video or live streaming direct with social media, or using a third party app that allows you to have multiple screens so you can flip between you and others and have the ability to share a screen too!  The platform I use is Belive

or you can live stream across multiple platforms using restream.

and if the thought of going live online scares the pants off you – there are a few tips here: FACEBOOK LIVE SCARES THE PANTS OFF ME!

Keeping Connected and Planning Ahead

If you need to connect with other to assign tasks, work in teams and communicate your ideas there are some great online planning tools that allow you to share access and updates with others. Take a look at:


Asana and


and you can learn a little more about my prefferd tool here

Sending Files Online

If you need to send large files of data online you can use the following:

Google Drive


We Transfer


Creating Images To Use Online

I am a BIG lover of canva!

Canva allows you to made graphics, social posts, ebooks, presentations and social stories, you can take a look here:  Canva.com

You can access a FREE canva class by the lovely Vicki Nicolson Brand Strategist and Stylist here: CREATE IN CANVA


Communicating on Social How People Can Work With You

Vicki Nicolson has created this amazing FREE bundle for you to use online, it includes 20 templates to help you to connect with and inform your community.


Email Marketing

Keeping in touch online is super important, you can obviouly use your usual email service but if you need to communicate your message to a larger group of people then an online platform is prefereed.  Email also allows you a huge opportunity to build your community and connections online too.  You can learn the importance of list building here:WHY YOU NEED AN EMAIL LIST 

and my favourite email tools are


Mailchimp and

Active Campaign


How To Make More Money with Your Website

If you are wanting to sell your products online you can learn more here: HOW TO SELL PRODCTS ONLINE

There are lots of platforms online where you have the opportunity to sell.  I recommend you do as much as you can via your website if you have one!

I recommend a WordPress website, hosted with Heart Internet and designed with  divi commercial theme and WooCommerce to do this.


Other Online Opportunies

There are lots of ways you can start to look at making the online space work for you and your business.  Here are just few… 5 Ways To Make More Money With You Website


Combatting the curves balls and build your inner happy

I get how hard it can be to combat some of the curve balls life throws our way and I’m a big believer in using mindset reframing tools to help us shift or mood and build our own inner happy!  I have 7 free tools you can grab here:

7 FREE MindSet Reframing Tools 

How To Videos!…

I am currently recording ‘how to’ videos to help you.. I would love any feedback so please let me know in the comments below or by emailing me naomi@happyhearthq.com 

Here’s the first one…



Learn how to create success with your business online… 

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  1. Stephanie
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    I already thought you were awesome because of the way your teachings have enabled me to create my website, that I absolutely adore. Now I consider you to be stratospheric. Your generosity in sharing all this information is really appreciated.
    Your knowledge is phenomenal and you share in such a way it is really easy to follow, understand and create.
    Thank you so much for being so awesome.


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