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Naomi just ‘gets’ what small businesses want & knows how to showcase their style, personality and services to a tee!”

Add a Little Sparkle Website Design

Website Revamp to move into WordPress with Integrated Blog

Joanne already had a website but as her business has grown she need a revamp and refresh to ensure her website was in alignment with her business.. I added a little sparkle to Joannes sites, adding a clear customer journey and simplifying the information she had on her website!

Naomi has just designed and created my brand new website and there are no words that can describe just how perfect it is.  

I’m useless with designs/colours & making things pretty so she had very little to work with but she completely got me & my style and made it better than I could ever imagine it to be. Communication through the whole process was epic and I was never left wondering what stage the website was at. She explained everything to me and I’m totally technophobe and even I understood.  She went above and beyond what I ever imagined my site could look like and I feel very blessed & grateful to have Naomi design & create this site for me. She’s an absolute gem and she doesn’t disappoint. Thank you Naomi, you’re amazing!!! Xxx

Joanne Hawkins

Executive VPA

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