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“I can update my website with ease. My site allows me so much freedom”

Shine Bright Website Design

WordPress Website with integrated Shop and Sales Pages

Vicki wanted an engaging website that she could update for herself and now she has it there’s no stopping her!  She can add all her own content, images, blogs and freebies and I personally think it’s AMAZING!

Naomi is my go to website girl. Oh my! She’s incredible and having worked with Naomi for the last year and half, I’m more in control of my business, now I can update my website with ease. I can now change any part of my site – simply cause Naomi makes it so! I can create, design, update and always be in action mode – my site allows me so much freedom.

Vicki Nicolson

Founder, Vicki Nicolson Brand Strategist & Stylist

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